About Us

Symtech was established by Aaron Wilson in 2003.  Symtech’s goals remain the same from those early days  –  provide our  customers with affordable, customised products and services. We believe technology can be made simple – and that’s what we do!

Our developers work together in an open-plan office which has helped to create the collaborative environment we love. Complex problems are solved by playing to the strengths of each team member, with a strong focus on knowledge sharing.

Clients come to us with problems from a range of industries with varying requirements, so we don’t stick to one set of rules or technologies for every project. We aim to be flexible and encompass the lean and agile approach.

This involves working closely with our clients and delivering projects incrementally. We know that no large scale project can be mapped out to completion at the beginning, and testing is a top priority. We aren’t satisfied until our customers are.

Meet our Team

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