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M5 Guardian:

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  • Track people
  • Monitor workers safety
  • Track what vehicle operator is using for accountability.

Basic tracking:

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  • Location tracking
  • Fleet utilisation (Idle hours distance travelled etc)
  • Geofencing reports
  • Full customisation of system access for individual users
  • Fleet register.
  • Geofencing reports.

Advanced tracking:

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  • Basic tracking options plus:
  • Driver behaviour
  • Email overspeed alerts
  • Most advanced servicing tool available
  • Full integration with NZTA – RUCs, Regs, Wofs etc
  • Fuel burn reporting.

Corporate tracking:

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  • Advanced options plus:
  • Enhanced IO interactions
  • Touch panel user interface
  • Tracking of low cost items (Bluetooth Beacons)
  • Per month per item tracked (ie only charged when installed and operating) Integration of Eroads trackers month for Eroads trackers tracking in M5

Accurate and Customisable

M5000 is a tracking system. It gathers GPS location and inputs from your assets and uploads them to the cloud through cellular networks.

M5000 can be configured to collect input data from any vehicle type. For instance, if M5000 is installed to a road sweeper, it can be customised to read whether the broom is activated or not.

After information is uploaded and processed in the cloud, you can see details of each input based on time and location. This will help you understand whether an asset is utilised effectively so that you can optimize your asset allocation to maximise overall efficiency based on the information the M5000 has collected.

The sweeping data can also integrate with RAMM.


Ports: x1 CAN, x1 UART x3 Digital Inputs Dual SIM, Vodafone+Spark 2.8AH Battery
* Approx 5 days of power.
m5000 diagram

Keep your assets in sight

M5 Beacon provides you a cost-effective solution for tracking assets with no connectivity to power.

By broadcasting through Bluetooth Low Energy technology, our existing network of tackers are able to locate your assets.

These compact devices are waterproof and long life and perfect for mounting on small portable assets that are exposed to mother nature.

It can be easily configured with our mobile app. Once it is being discovered, the current location of the beacon will be sent to the cloud.


m5 beacon
Battery life: 5 years Waterproof: To 1m Range: 30m (line of sight)*
*Range can vary depending on location of units.
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